The Shade (Munnar) -A blissful stay in the hills

What’s your phone/laptop wallpaper? Is it a stunning scenery from your last trip to the mountains or the beach? Why did you put it up as your wallpaper? Perhaps, so that every time you look at it, you can momentarily escape the humdrum around to that blissfully happy place. Continue reading “The Shade (Munnar) -A blissful stay in the hills”

The Fort of Gingee

It had been six months since we moved to Chennai and we had already covered the most popular weekend escapes from Chennai, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram. Now, Chennai does have some really beautiful temples in its vicinity but we were not yet keen on a temple tour. So, the Easter weekend of 2015, leafing through the pages of Lonely Planet, we came across Gingee. It’s description was enough to get our interest going:

Somewhere 37km east of Tiruvannamalai, nature sprinkled a smattering of marbles – rounded boulders and lumpy rocks – in shades of grey, brown and red over the flat green paddies of Tamil Nadu. Then man turned two of these stony protrusions into the Rajagiri and Krishnagiri (King and Queen fort).

It went on to say, “These edifices, poke out of the Tamil plain like castles misplaced by the Lord of the Rings.Continue reading “The Fort of Gingee”

WanderfulWeekendz nominated for Liebster Award

This has been long overdue. I got nominated for the Liebster award by two wonderful bloggers Sarah from Sarah’s Wanderland and Johann from Escaping Life. Thanks Sarah and Johann. It feels great to be recognized and appreciated by fellow bloggers. If you haven’t checked out their blogs, you immediately must.

Sarah started travelling about two months ago and after traversing through Phillipines, she is now exploring Australia. Johann on the other hand, has traveled to some really beautiful and lesser explored destinations such as Georgia, Bahrain and North Eastern part of India. Continue reading “WanderfulWeekendz nominated for Liebster Award”