Art comes galloping onto Mumbai’s streets

On most days, my camera is banished to the steel cupboard with my wedding sarees for company. But every once in a while it gets an opportunity to step out and gaze at the wonderful world outside that dark naphthalene infused atmosphere.

On one such day this week, it accompanied me to marvel at the sights and scenes of the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in the heart of South Bombay’s business district. And what sights did we see! From colorful sculptures and art installations to spectacular lighting displays to a plethora of artists performing live. I am sure my camera now has a lot of stories to regale my poor wedding sarees (which have not seen the light of day since my wedding) for at least a few weeks.

Here are some glimpses from our debut trip to the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival:

Going Horse Crazy
The excited crowd on Festival street
A volunteer shooting one of the street performers
From horse sculptures to Horse Riding, the festival has it all
An immersive art installation that blends the visitor with Kala Ghoda (The Black Horse)
A lighting installation by Bajaj. Interesting to see art being created from everyday objects such as tubelights and bulbs.
Making Memories


Noted Bharatnatyam dancer, Mallika Sarabhai performing with her son


Ah, the joy of watching a live performance under the twinkling stars


The Wishing Tree

About the Festival:

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival draws it’s name from the part of South Bombay (or Mumbai) where it is held. It seems, here once stood a statue of King Edward of England on a black horse (a Kala Ghoda). The statue was subsequently removed in 1965 but the name stuck. The present statue of the lone galloping Black Stallion in Kala Ghoda is a much debated recent addition. Many feel that it is an attempt at creating a memory that does not exist. But come what may, the black horse straddling over the Kala Ghoda’s busy intersection is here to stay.

Spread across 39 venues in and around Kala Ghoda, the festival hosts visual art displays, handicrafts, dance, music and theater performances, stand up comedy, cinema screenings, literature programs (for children and adults) and heritage walks to name a few.

The festival runs till 12th Feb 2017  and if you are in Mumbai but haven’t visited Kala Ghoda yet, take some time out to soak in it’s all inclusive artzy vibe. Kala Ghoda has something for everyone and even if art does not interest you, you would still return home with some quirky selfies.

Check here for program schedule.

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Until next time, Adios!

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