When Mumbai Ran, Walked and Waltzed

This past Sunday was the 14th edition of Mumbai Marathon. The one day when Mumbai’s arterial roads are cleared of traffic and thrown open to all those interested to run, walk or even waltz around.

The full marathon starts from Azad Maidan near CST station, winds it way through Marine Drive, past Haji Ali over the Sea Link and back to cover a total distance of 42 kms. But the event also hosts a number of shorter runs for those who just want to fulfill their dream of participating in a marathon but may not be keen to run all 42 kms.

Mist shrouded Nariman Point
The Marine Drive disappears into the mist


It was a misty morning and along with the chill, there hung a carnival like spirit in the air. Curious on-lookers and over-zealous photographers like me had gathered along the route. There were also an equal number of police personnel to maintain decorum.

At one of the street corners a school band was playing a marching tune. At another, a stage had been erected for Lavani and Lezim dancers to perform. A loudspeaker was playing foot tapping Bollywood numbers and a group of youngsters were clapping and dancing to it to cheer the runners on.

A school band playing a marching tune for the runners
Lezim Dancers


The full and half marathon started much before sunrise and by the time we reached Marine Drive at 7:30am, most runners were near completion. Sombre and focused, the full and half marathon runners were steadily progressing towards the finish line, unperturbed by brouhaha around them.

Half and Full Marathon Participants
Half and Full Marathon Participants


The Dream Run of 6kms, in contrast was more laid back with the participants walking rather than running. Many turned up in colorful costumes and some even used it as a platform to spread awareness about social causes and issues.

The Dream Run Participants coming down Marine Drive
Road Safety First
Marathon for All
Making a Point
Even Superman too chose to walk that day


But the most fun was the senior citizen run. The participants made it a point to stop and shake a leg with the cheering bystanders before continuing on their way. Their enthusiasm was infectious and soon all the spectators were swinging with them.

Getting the party started
He twists. He twists. He twists. He twists.
Waltzing through the streets


This lady in sneakers and a Pattu Saree totally rocking it.

Rocking the Saree and the Run


And this gentleman brought home the message of cleanliness.

Saying it with actions


This year I had to forgo my annual ritual of participating in at least one run a year because of all the confusion with shifting cities. My better half though luckily managed to get a spot in his corporate team for the 6km Dream Run.

But running or not, I thoroughly enjoyed the marathon. A great way to spend a Sunday morning, I must say. Have you tried it too?

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9 thoughts on “When Mumbai Ran, Walked and Waltzed

  1. Nice pictures! I didn’t know people turn up in costumes as well at the Mumbai Marathon! The superman must have been quite a sight in full flight 😀
    Cheers! Keep blogging 🙂


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