Monsoon Sojourn

It’s that time of the year again when the rains overrun the Western Ghats covering their bare brown slopes with a lush green velvety coat. But it doesn’t just stop there. It keeps falling hard and strong until thousands of sparkling waterfalls erupt out of the stoic giants and come gushing out.

Clouds shroud the Western Ghats
Waterfalls galore

It is quite a sight to behold and the onset of monsoon is a time when many city dwellers make a beeline for the Western Ghats to soak in the magic of the rains. So, how could be we be far behind?

One weekend we packed into our tiny car: me, Praneet, Mum, Dad, umbrellas et al and set out towards the ghats. While most people take an adventurous trek to one or the other fort capping these hills, our goal was to find a quiet spot away from the adrenaline junkies, the bhutta munching picnickers and the cacophonous semi naked bathers who dash to every puddle and stream like a fish out of water.

When the road is this pretty, the destination can wait

Setting out on the Mumbai Pune Expressway, we drove past the ever popular Lonavala. We drove and drove beyond the point where my family began doubting my navigation skills and ahem, my intentions. A mini revolt was in the offing inside the car when the imposing wall of Pavana Dam came into view. A turn around the hill and we were on the other side looking down at the placid waters of enormous Pavana Lake cradled by the emerald green hills. The sight  was enough to instill my family’s faith in me. Phew!

A glimmer of the water of the lake among the greenery
Sail boats on the lake

A small group of picnickers had gathered at the edge of the lake; laughing, giggling, taking pictures. (Well, one can’t escape them completely I guess) But the lakefront was still relatively uncrowded.

This view filled my eyes
The play of sun and shade on the waters of the lake

We had lunch at the modest Lohgadh Boat Club and Cafe overlooking the lake and then took a walk to the edge of the water. It was cool and clear. As we stood there looking out into the horizon, dark monsoon clouds would roll in shrouding the crown of the hills and casting a dark shadow over the waters only to be waylaid by the robust breeze – an amusing tussle between the forces of nature. All in all, a good afternoon in the lap of the nature.


Getting there:

Pavana Lake is 115 kms from Mumbai and about 60 kms from Pune. Put Pavana Lake Tourist Camping as destination and google maps will show the way.

Around Pavana Lake:

Lohagad Fort, 15 kms away is a popular trekking spot.

Happy Exploring!!!

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4 thoughts on “Monsoon Sojourn

  1. Visapur happens to be another fort across lohgad with a great climb to boot! It was my go to place for trekking away from the picnickers until last year but from what I hear, they have not spared even Visapur this year! 🙁 Do visit in on a weekday if possible! Great views and no soul to bother you (and your family)! ☺

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  2. Those blue sail boats are so cute 🙂 .. and the pic below that also presents a vivid display of colours. Colour, depth and distance explained in a single pic. very well shot

    Liked by 1 person

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