Beach OK Please!

Summer is here and with the rising mercury, a visit to the beach is just what the doctor prescribed.
Ah the breezy palms, the sandy beaches and the cool blue waters!
But in India, a visit to the beach is not just A Visit To The Beach. It is like a visit to a town fair that has made the beach it’s permanent abode. From food stalls selling lip-smacking snacks, ice creams and coconut water to professional photographers who will click and print your photo on the spot to men offering rides on horses, camels and even quad bikes; there is no dearth of distractions for the average Indian beach-goer.
A recent visit to our very own Juhu beach in Mumbai had me sifting through the pictures of some of our other beach visits around India in mild amusement.

Ship (of the desert) meets the sea (Mandvi, Gujarat)
Riding the waves (Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu)
A horse carriage spins rings on the sand in trying to entice patrons for a ride (Murud, Maharashtra)


Rising above the humdrum (Calangute, Goa)


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-08 at 8.18.21 PM
A sudden bloom (Juhu, Mumbai)


The connoisseur of all eyes (Marina Beach, Chennai)
God’s Day Out (Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu)
Windmills on a beach – Now, that’s a first! (Mandvi, Bhuj)
An ice-cream cart basks in it’s own magnetic glow (Besant Nagar, Chennai)
A bhutta seller cranks up the open and sets a thousand fireflies free (Besant Nagar, Chennai)
Beach Shacks in Baga
Neonish beach shacks (Baga, Goa)
But those who care to go the extra mile often do come across peaceful, pristine beaches far far away from all this brouhaha where the only thing separating you from the gently lapping waves is probably a flock of seagulls taking wing.
Off they go! (Ganapatipule, Maharashtra)



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