Lights. Camera. Kalaripayattu!

Think Martial Art. What comes to mind?

Judo. Karate. Tai Chi.

Think Martial Art from India. What comes to mind?

Probably only a handful will think about Kalaripayattu. I too was unaware of this Indian martial art form till I visited Kerala sometime ago. An interesting fusion of yoga, dance, combat and performing arts, Kalaripayattu performances are a visual treat.

Through the raging ring
Lathi fight
A Visual Illusion created by spinning fireballs
Fighting using the seemingly innocuous strip of cloth
Another visual illusion created by a spinning light stick
Lathi v/s Dagger
More acrobatic manoeuvring

P.S. : I quickly checked on wikipedia and realized that Kalaripayattu is not the only martial art form practiced in India. Take a look here. How many of these did you know of?



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