Let’s go!

I am a regular girl next door with a regular job but an irregular penchant to travel.

However, mine and my usual travel partner, my husband’s, irregular work schedules regularly play spoilsport with our travel plans. So, we adopted a cunningly simple work-around to beat the little devil at it’s own game: Weekend Trips. Instead of saving leaves and planning for that one big annual trip to a land far far away, we started using our weekends to visit or experience as many places within an overnight journey’s distance from where we live or work.

While we do travel abroad at times for work or on holiday, living in a country as culturally and naturally diverse as India means that we never run out of places to visit over weekends near home. There is always something new, unusual and interesting to discover even in the most mundane of places.

Through this blog, I intend to share our travel experiences and also connect with other like-minded travelers.

Come, let’s see the world, one weekend at time. Cheers!



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